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Maryland Goose Hunt Watefowl Deer

Maryland Eastern Shore Waterfowl Hunt
A lifetime of hunting experience &

 16 years as an Eastern Shore Guide

Eastern Shore Maryland Goose, Duck, and Deer Hunting


Dates are filling for 2016/2017.  We have added even more property this year!  It should be great.

NEW FOR 2016 / 2017 SEASON:

We are offering a season long goose package price.  Any 5 days you can come that we are not already booked - for just $600.  The days do not have to be consecutive.  Better yet, if you are local and birds are hot - I will give you a call and tell you to get over here.  The 5 day package must be pre-paid.

Thank you very much to all of the repeat and new clients alike!  

A couple pictures from January 2016

Jan 2014 with JC and his father.

Fowl Play Guide Service  is operated in Kent County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.   The abundant wildlife offer some of the finest hunting on the east coast.  Just 1.5 hours from Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Baltimore.  We border the Chesapeake Bay and are centrally located on the Eastern Shore in the heart of the Atlantic Flyway.   Our hunting grounds and other area farms support healthy and large deer populations.

JC was born and raised in Maryland.  His father taught him the ethics, values, traditions and expertise  of Eastern Shore hunting and he is excited to share his knowledge with you.

Fowl Play Guide Service offers goose hunting consisting of snow geese and canadas. Goose hunts take place in corn, soybean, or wheat fields. You will be hunting from either pit or A-frame blinds over high quality decoy spreads.   We are constantly scouting the movements of the birds.  Duck hunts are also offered on many private ponds, riverfront, and waters leading to the bay.  Whether you want to hunt puddle ducks or diver ducks, we will tailor the day to  your preference.  Goose or duck, this is waterfowl gunning at it's finest.

The Eastern Shore of Maryland also provides outstanding opportunities for deer hunting.  Combined with JC's careful management this provides for exciting and successful hunts throughout the season.    Be assured that you will spend your time in productive deer areas and hunt from safe stands.  We control plenty of land so no particular place is over-hunted.  Our hunters have harvested large bucks under our management plan.  We do not take small bucks - only large, mature bucks and does.  While everyone has a different idea of large and mature, common sense and a couple general guidelines are the cornerstone of our deer harvest plan.

Fowl Play Guide Service is committed to making your hunting experience enjoyable.   Choosing an experienced guide with a proven track record can be the difference in your hunt.  Let us show you why year after year hunters return for a great time with us. 

 If you are interested in having a fun, safe, and courteous hunt with your family, friends or clients...  

Book your Maryland Eastern Shore hunt with us!

References are available upon request, for privacy reasons we do not post client information on our site.

DECOY SALE: Fowl Play Guide Service is selling hand made silhouette goose decoys.  Each decoy is made from thick masonite with metal stakes riveted on.  They are finished with quality outdoor paints. 

 When conditions call for large spreads, why spend $140 for four Big Foot decoys?  That is over $400 per dozen!  And the storage requirements are crazy too.  My decoys are only $85 per dozen and can be shipped anywhere in the US.  They work well alone or to compliment your existing decoy spread.   You can carry two dozen in a shoulder bag or several dozen in a plastic bin that one person can carry!

Call for bulk purchases and cheaper cost per dozen.

goose decoys

Gift Certificates are available - see Pricing page

Check out this double banded $100 Reward Band Goose -   Lucky Day!


A short video of a December Hunt. 30 mph winds - gusting to 50.

Guide for Goose Hunting Maryland


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   "One of the best hunts I have

had in over 20 years. "

- Charles  Scotia, NY


"Best time I could have ever

had.  Anyone looking for a

good time, this is your man."

 - Theresa  Lithicum Heights, MD


"So many geese, great calling.

Had a blast.  Thanks, JC.  "

- Jeff  Baltimore, MD


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