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Through the years the most important thing any client has brought with them is a good attitude, a desire to have fun, and a general interest in hunting and the outdoors.  We hope to share ours with you.






What to bring for your hunt

Our first rule of thumb is to bring whatever you are the most familiar with and most comfortable with.  This applies for clothing and guns. 

Fowl Play Guide Service provides all the blinds, stands, and decoys.  Your help in setting up a large decoy spread is appreciated, but you can certainly kick back and watch if you want to.

Shotgun for waterfowling:

Most of our shooting is done in close over decoys and your favorite 12 or 20 gauge will do just fine at these short ranges.  However, this is one case where a little extra doesn't hurt and may help reduce crippled birds, especially with large geese.  So we suggest a 12 gauge 3" or 3 1/2" if you have one.


3" or 3 1/2 " BB or #2 for geese (steel or non toxic shot only)

3" or 3 1/2" #2 or #4 for ducks (steel or non toxic shot only)

Handwarmers for late season hunts

Light camo coat or jacket for early season

Heavy camo coat for late season.  Camo gloves.

Waterproof boots for field hunts

Camera and film

Snack, Water or soda (no alcohol drinks allowed during or before hunting)

Maryland hunting license either 3 day or season (required)

Maryland duck stamp (required)

Federal Migratory waterfowl stamp over 16 years of age (required)


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